Sustainability for Grafco is a concept that is anything but abstract.

We believe that it is possible to create a world where the economic activities are not harmful to the environment and to the planet's health. We also believe in the importance of working according to an ethical code that respects human as well as environment values.

A good sustainable company can therefore be regarded as such if it can combine economic, social and environmental factors fairly. This is why our strongest commitment is to work in compliance with sustainability; our choices have long been directed by precise fundamentals:

We adopt an environmental policy and an internal ethical code and in light of these we evaluate investments and activities.
Before undertaking any activity or new formula, we analyze its impact on the environment and on the user's health and choose the solution with the least impact.
We use advanced update systems to be always up to date on any changes of the current regulations and above all we are informed about the guidelines of thos that will be introduced in the future.
We analyze every possible risk of environmental accident and prepare safety and prevention measures.

We sensitize our staff on the environmental protection and we keep them trained and updated.
We promote and share these concepts with our suppliers and customers.


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