Murakami Japan

The Japanese company Murakami has for many years been at the top of the world in the development of photoemulsion and capillary film for screen printing. It has been a reference point for the screen printing professionals who are looking for quality and repeatability of results.

Murakami products are used in any application where high repeatability and extreme precision of the fine lines in screen printing are required.

  • Murakami Photoemulsion hybrid technology SBQ  for applications in ceramics, decals and textile.
  • Murakami Photoemulsion 100% SBQ technology for applications in electronics and large format high definition printing.
  • Murakami MS film for application in luxury labels and total repeatability of fine lines and thick print with thickness from 12 to 100 micron. 
  • Murakami MS-THICk film for high thickness screens that allow perfect repeatability of definition and light exposure precision with thickness from 150 micron to 1000 micron (1 mm).

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