Grafco Color System

With the aim of giving the best technical support to its clientele, Grafco has developed an easy and precise color system: Grafco Color System (GCS). By just subscribing to our reserved area, our customers will be able to use this on-line system that is available for PC, tablet and smartphone (an internet connection is required).

Precise: our formula have been formulated through spectrophotometers that are constantly updated and used by our highly qualified staff.

Simple: in just a few clicks, following a simple drop-down menu, you can have the formula for the Pantone® type you would like to use (C, TPG etc.), in the base you need (plastisol, water-based, solvent), the mesh number you need to print with, the color and quantity you require.
Interactive: you will also have the possibility to evaluate the formula so that, if necessary, your staff can contact you to help you in case the color does not meet your request.
Thanks to this system you can save time and material for the formulation of the colors.


For information, technical support or pre and post sales assistance, please contact our specialists.

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