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Since 1979 Grafco has been working in the production and distribution of products for screen printing and textile printing flexo.

Grafco was born in the Venice district and later moved to Treviso discrict where the production of inks and chemical specialties was started to meet the requirements of local industrial companies renowned for the production of sportswear, shoes and accessories for clothing.

As the majority of the production of the Italian north-eastern area was intended for export, in the early nineties it was already clear that the requirements of these companies would not only be those of products from excellent performances of adhesion and resistance, but they also needed to comply with all the regulation aspects and ink safety both for the users and for the final customers of the different countries.

The close collaboration between our technical office and large companies that have now become multinationals like Salomon, Benetton, Tecnica, Lotto has lead Grafco inks to reach such a high quality level that they have become the standard reference of many industrial production sectors both in Europe and outside the EU.

Grafco is a chemical company that aims to work more and more according to sustainability criteria and minimum environmental impact.


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