Products for Capacitive Keyboards

High opacity inks, non-conductive

Products for Capacitive Keyboards

The request for the production of keyboards and panels with capacitive sensors has increased. Further to our customers requests, we developed some specific products for this kind of production.


This product was developed for application on second surface and offers outstanding depth of black tone with excellent opacity on PMMA and Polycarbonate. These properties are coupled with full non-conductivity of the ink in order not to interfere with the capacitive sensors placed behind the screen printed panel. In the formulation of this product particular attention was given to printability, high definition and detail of the printed graphics. The Black LSC is available also both in the version PET 10 suitable for printing polyester and polycarbonate film and in the version Duragloss specific for glass, often used for home automation applications.


Just like the black, we also developed a high opacity white that can be screen printed at high definition called Vinilstar White LSC for the production of panels and keyboards with capacitive sensors.