Glitter for screen printing, what is it?

Glitters are often called in different ways, like rhinestone, spangle, lurex etc. but they differ from the sequins (even if they are often meant as synonyms), both for their dimension and way of application. 

Glitters have always been a synonym for gloss. Their final aspect is considered as the most refined among the special effects both in cosmetics and various applications like the fashion world (t-shirts, shoes, bags), the paper industry (gift cards, covers for children’s books) and accessories (glasses, cases, keychains).

Not all glitters are the same though. 

They may appear the same for their effect, but in the industrial sector there are some important features that really make a difference: 

  • Print repeatability
  • Definition quality
  • Product performance
  • Appearance of the final result

That is why Grafco, being at the service of the industries for over 40 years with inks and products for screen printing, pad printing and flexo, has cooperated with the best glitter producers to make glitters, according to our specifics) that allow the best results in screen printing and in the applications for fashion also thanks to binders, varnishes and water based transparent inks, UV, plastisol and solvent based inks made by Grafco.

The series Hexalux and Hexalux NT were born from this close collaboration.

Hexalux & Hexalux NT

Grafco’s Hexalux and Hexalux NT glitters allow excellent printability and reliability of results print after print, as they are produced in a highly accurate hexagonal cut (fig.1) out of a vacuum metallised polyester film and are then carefully sifted and sieved before being packed in order to ensure a high precision of the particles that in this way are below the required dimensional limits.

These high gloss powders can be used both with water based systems and plastisol for the textile industry, with UV systems and solvent based for applications in the graphics field, paper industry and embellishments.


The special features of these Hexalux and Hexalux NT lines allow high print quality with the Grafco products leaving very little remains on the screen (pic.2) to ensure the highest product efficiency with a very detailed and even print also for fine lines (pic.3) with thorough high gloss

The special glitter effect Hexalux and Hexalux NT series are available in 3 sizes:

  • Hexalux glitter extra fine 004, maximum dimension of the particle 100 Micron, printable from 24 to 32 mesh.
  • Hexalux glitter fine 008, maximum dimension of the particle 200 Micron, printable from 14 to 24 mesh
  • Hexalux glitter medium/big 015, maximum dimension of the particle 400 Micron, printable with screens up to 6 mesh.

These glitters can also be used for scatter applications, please check our technical staff for the best solution to your requirements.