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Cromatex Opaque Paste MY 03

Water based opaque ink to be polymerized in an oven, matt, brilliant, especially developed to be used together with lamination binders like TRANSTERM LTR 06 The printings done with this base are not receiving the lamination This inks comply with Oekotex

Cromatex Opaque Paste MY 03

This product is the answer of many printing segment clients request to have an opaque base which does not receive the lamination  during the mylar transfer application. It can be used on cotton fabrics like Jersey and plush and, the final result of opaqueness and brilliance is visible only after the garment’s passage in an oven for the polymerization. The printing aspect is opaque, matt and, with a reduced elasticity. It shows a quite smooth and silky coat and in the machine is well workable and with good self-solvency, even when many intermediate IR dryer units are used.