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SY-TRAN Transfer System

Water-based products system for printing PVC & Formaldehyde free transfers with very high washing fastness for working and sport garment

SY-TRAN Transfer System

This water based products system is used for obtaining several colours transfers, brilliant and opaque, which can be applied on synthetic fabrics, resinous materials and cotton with exceptional general fastness qualities. This kind of transfer has been developed especially for the sport apparel and working clothes market which require extraordinary fastnesses on synthetic and moderately elastic fabrics. The print appearance, after the transferring, does not undergo changes during the time even if applied on fabrics decorated with the sublimation system. This kind of transfer is to be made on the GRAFCO’s MATT-MATT POLYESTER developed by us on purpose for this application. The SY-TRAN line products can be washed away from the screen using brushes, Q detergent (available in Grafco)  & water.