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Siligraf 18

Bicomponent, silicone-based ink, high density for printing in screen printing with flat or relief effect very glossy, for cotton fabrics and elastic synthetic fabrics.

Siligraf 18

Silicone-based ink with catalyst developed to obtain flat or embossed prints, uniform and without bubbles with polymerization in oven.  The screen printing ink SILIGRAF 18 allows:                 1.   Excellent adhesion and elasticity even on lycra and elasticized fabrics   2.   Transparent effects and colored very glossy very with a particular hand braking effect "silicone grip". 3.   Makes a great barrier action against the migration of the dyes of polyester fabrics.    4.   The prints with the SILIGRAF 18 do not take the lamination with the mylar and not flatten in hot press. 5.   Exceptional printability of the details with excellent definition. 6.   Product under Oekotex Class I.