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Antighost 110

Low odor, not flammable product that can stop the crosslinking and drying of any kind of ink in the mesh of the screen. To be applied on the screen when print is over to prevent ghost images on the screen. Avoiding the drying of the ink it helps perfect

Antighost 110

Features of ANTIGHOST 110  1.     Oily product that can stop the drying and hardening process of any kind of ink, both solvent, bi-component and UV inside the mesh of the screen.    2.     Very slow drying, it doesn’t dry even after several weeks from the application and prevents the crosslinking and the hardening of the inks leftovers. 3.     It doesn’t damage the photoemulsions or the capillary films and can be removed from the screen with a rapid wash solvent like Grafco wash 105 . 4.     This product doesn’t cause problems to the purifiers and is quickly biodegradable. 5.     For better screens reclaiming it is recommended to use it along with STRIPCOAT 110+DETERSTRIP 110