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Ghost Cleaner System

Complete system based on the application of two products in sequence on the mesh of the screen to completely remove halo, ink stain and ghost images left from previous light exposures.

Ghost Cleaner System

GRAFCO has developed a system to get a very clean and white mesh from reclaimed screens. This reclaiming process is in fact often used by many screen printers to reduce costs and use the screens in a rational way. The problem of stains and ghost images-removal is an issue that screen printers and photoengravers have been facing for a long time. Usually very strong solvents were used, they were harmful to the operator due to their vapors and were also harmful to the environment (some washing residuals might go to the sewerage). The system developed by GRAFCO, is composed of 2 products: GHOST CLEANER DETERGENT A and GHOST CLEANER PASTE B.