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UV-Rad NXD 22 Super Tixo

Very thick UV varnish, to be used as thickening base for UV-RAD NXD 21. Metal embossing receptive with hot-stamping foil in line.

UV-Rad NXD 22 Super Tixo

Transparent UV varnish, very THIXOTROPIC and THICK. This base is meant to be mixed with UV-RAD NXD 21 in order to adjust the rheological properties of UV-RAD NXD 21 varnish.UV-RAD NXD 22 can also be used alone for very absorbent cardboards. In this case we recommend screens with 43/32 mesh. Once polymerized, this product remains very flexible and partly thermoplastic, this way it allows the adhesion on the relief surface of the hot lamination performed with glueless foils.